Thursday, May 10, 2012


Photo stolen from my sister.

Folks! I have a few reasons for celebrating:

1. I'm done with finals! And guess what? I'm not taking summer school!
2. Summer is here! The temperature in San Francisco is above 68 degrees.
3. My allergies aren't bad at all this year.
4. I feel great!

What to do with all this free time and good weather? I actually have a long long long list of all the things I want to do. So what do I want to do first? I'll tell you via a proposal.

I avoided a lot of friends and people during the time that I was taking classes. Now that classes are done, I'm crawling out into the sunlight with my great white pasty skin, saying "Friends? Where have you all gone?" In an effort to look for old friends and new ones, I want to bake cookies.

If anyone who reads this blog would post a comment on some of your plans for this summer, I'll use a random generator to pick 3 people. Then I'll bake each of the "chosen ones" a dozen of chocolate chip cookies and mail them to the "chosen ones." Just to be clear, that will be a total of 36 cookies (12 x 3), not a total of 12 cookies (4 x 3).

So, what are your summer plans? Be it something huge like "I'm going to buy an island and make myself king" or something tiny like "I'll learn to bake bread," just tell me!

The TL;DR version:

1. Comment about your summer plan
2. 3 comment monkeys will get chosen randomly
3. Each chosen comment monkey gets 12 chocolate chip cookies
4. END DATE for commenting: TUESDAY, 5/15/12 AT THE STROKE OF MIDNIGHT!!!

Hack 1: Be the only one commenting, that way you'll get all 36 cookies.
Hack 2: Live in the Bay Area. I'll deliver it to you in person and we can have an awkward conversation.

I repeat myself a lot.


  1. I plan on doing what I already do. Lift heavy, climb hard! Maybe make some money. :D Pick me!

  2. Here are my summer plans:
    1) Wear in my Vibrams.
    2) Finish reading the 5th installment of the song of fire and ice series.
    3) Keep cooking and eating.
    4) More to come. I'll think about it.

  3. I plan on ... I don't know ... :[

    1. Make money, save at least $1200 by end of August
    3. Squat up to 100lbs by end of August

  4. Summer school and work in my lab...and hopefully eating cookies.

  5. Yayyy I'm a comment monkey. :p

    Hopefully this summer I will be uploading comics onto the web and having my own page for them. If not, I hope to at least be partially there.

    Or get at least 3 chapters of a story I'm writing done.

    Definitely not procrastinating like I've been doing for the past two months...yup, not that. >_>

  6. Read a few books. Spend as much time as possible outside. Play Diablo 3. Figure out how to use my wacom tablet.

  7. travel travel travel- near and far! (i.e. also means going broke so feed me!)

  8. Eating your cookies with Ube ice cream. 1st half-marathon. 1st outdoor climbing session. Camping/hiking. Vegas. Socal. Read a few books that have been on my list for a while. Design my tattoo. Maybe apply to grad schools... i dunno tho.

  9. If I responded twice, would my chances of winning go up? Yes?!

  10. 1. Finish reading A Game of Thrones.
    2. Do more hiking.
    3. Fend off the squirrel mob from attacking my container garden! (Currently Squirrels 1, Human 1)