Saturday, January 21, 2012

"Better Than Sex" Coconut Cake

Every Christmas my boyfriend's aunt would make a delicious coconut cake. Again, I was too shy to ask for the recipe, so I looked it up online. I guess there are lots of variations for the cake, but I think this recipe closest resembles her cake. She doesn't put pineapples on it, and personally, I think pineapples on this cake would be weird.

This cake does take a little prep time though. The cake has to be cooled in the refrigerator overnight. Depending if you're going to whip your own cream or use Cool Whip, Cool Whip needs to thaw in your refrigerator for 4 hours. So yes, lots of prep time!

1 baked white cake
1 can (14oz) of sweetened condensed milk
1/2 can (8 oz) of coconut milk*
1 container (8 oz or roughly 3 cups) of Cool Whip
1 cup shredded coconut

This is my sister's cat, Furious. He's super friendly. :D

1. I found half a bag of white cake mix in my sister's cupboard, so I thought I'd use it. I filled in the other half with some baking flour and sugar and just made the box-cake-mix as directed. You can make your own white cake from scratch if you want! It doesn't matter. I just wanted to use up this half box, that was all. You want to make sure you bake the cake in whatever serving dish you're going to use because it's almost impossible to move the cake once it's done.

One baked white cake.

2. Now it's time to poke all sorts of holes into your cake! So when you're waiting for the cake to cool a bit, mix your can of sweetened condensed milk with your coconut milk. Pour it over the cake very slowly making sure that the milk mixture seeps into the holes. I used a spoon to kind of smear the milk mixture around.

Mixed coconut milk and condensed milk.

Hole-y cake.

It might look too liquid-y at first, but don't worry, the cake is going to soak it all up.

3. Put your cake in the refrigerator until it's cold. Once it's cold (and won't melt the Cool Whip), spread some of that Cool Whip all over it. Top with it all off with some shredded coconut.

This is what the cake looks like after an hour in the refrigerator.

4. Leave cake in the refrigerator overnight so all the flavors get soaked up by the cake.

Nom time!

* I got this 14 oz can of coconut milk, and I thought, "What the hey, I'll just pour the remainder of the can on top of the cake too!" But the lesson learned is that this makes it too "coconuty." So don't do it!


  1. Lol, the holey cake looks so funny. Only Helen would have gone through the effort to make half a cake mix from scratch!

  2. Dam, now I know what I wanted for Xmass

  3. You had me at "coconut". Can't wait to try this one. I'm going to end up a diabetic if I start making all the delicious sweet things you post...