Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cilantro Pesto Pizza


I am not dead yet! I've been um...lazy and there isn't any good excuses (or excuses at all) as to why I neglected the blog. I am so sorry!

Back to the actual food part, remember how I made the mango salsa? It was quite delicious. Actually, Helen and I like it a lot.

The thing about making salsa is that you will always be left with a giant bunch of cilantro that you have no idea how to use up. I mean, do you make more salsa and eat it for two weeks? I love them salsa but that would be too much. So I searched for an easy way to use most of my leftover cilantro and found Bobby Flay's Grill Shrimp and Cilantro Pesto Pizza. It was actually really convenience because I had leftover mango salsa to use as a topping for the pizza, too!