Friday, September 2, 2011

Lemon Curd

Finally! A post after an entire month! I'm sure you've been wondering what I've been up to, right? Well, I drove my little Honda Fit across country from Pittsburgh, PA back to San Francisco (with my two cats)! I reunited with Gandalf except now Gandalf and Megatron don't get along. My mom also fell in love with Gandalf (as well as Furious), and so Gandalf has become my mom's cat. So that's the update!

So what I have for today is this delicious lemon curd recipe from David Lebovitz. I've made this a couple of times, and it's always fantastic! Not a single change needs to be made. Before we start, I'm going to warn you that we're not going to use a double boiler, which I think is pretty freaking awesome. As David Lebovitz says, we're going to be dare-devils today.

1/2 cup (125 ml) freshly-squeezed lemon juice (about two lemons)
finely grated zest of one lemon (optional)
1/3 cup (65 g) sugar
2 large egg yolks
2 large eggs
pinch of salt
6 tablespoons (85 g) unsalted butter, cubed

1. Zest your lemon (if using).
2. Juice your lemons! Depending on the lemons, I get about 1/2 cup of lemon juice. There's no need to be exact!
3. Add your juice, zest, sugar, eggs, egg yolks, and salt into your (cold) sauce pan. Whisk everything together until it's well combined. Throw in your cubed butter.
4. Turn on your heat to low until the butter is melted.
5. Now turn your heat to high! Whisk continuously! You don't want a flan! Once your curd starts bubbling, it should also thicken up enough to cover the back of your spoon (or whisk). Then you're done!
6. Let cool and refrigerate. The colder it gets, the thicker it becomes.

I found this zester on the sidewalk next to the dumpster. Another man's trash is another man's treasure, right? The Chopping Block said a homeless man probably used this zester for his bunions before I picked it up. Oh well! On a serious note, this zester grates really fine zest.

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze! Almost half a cup is good enough! I left all the zest and some pulp in here.

So once everything's cooked, the curd is still a little thin. See how it doesn't really coat my whisk? That's completely okay! Also, if you want, now's the time to run your curd through a cheese cloth to remove all the zest and pulp. I didn't do this because I think the finely grated zest and pulp adds character/texture to my curd, and I kind of like that, but you should do whatever feels right for you!

This is how the curd looks like after you've chilled it overnight. It's really thick now!

So what do you use lemon curd with? Tons of stuff! I've made this Trifle a few times (with raspberries and strawberries), and it's wonderful. I've also mixed it in with some greek yogurt! You can pretty much put it onto whatever you want!

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