Friday, July 8, 2011

Turkey Pesto Burgers

I love turkey. I felt bad when our neighborhood had some super cute wild turkeys roaming...

I seriously fell in love with them last fall...

But cow hurts my belly... and The Guy refuses beef I guess I should be glad i can buy it ground. 4 years of poor vegetarianism is seriously enough for a lifetime...

And while I don't have a grill, I thought "Gee 4th of July is a hotdog/hamburger holiday!" so Pesto Burgers it was!

The recipe I (roughly) followed asked for:

Ground Turkey
Basil Pesto

My Pesto was from Trader Joe's--bought and used on pizza a month ago, but the bottle remained far from depleted. Mind, it needed to be used (hence, part of the inspiration for the burgers :P)

Garlic--I wrestled with my garlic options: fresh garlic, a jar of crushed garlic, or garlic salt. I settled for a touch of the crushed.

My feta had been bought and used for a salad almost a month ago. While the original recipe called for a precise amount, I dumped whatever I had in the remaining container.

I mixed the pesto, garlic and feta together. Then added the ground turkey. I mushed it with my hands, because that was easiest. :P

The original recipe said: "Make 4 patties" ...I got 7. So whatever.

I simmered some sliced mushrooms in olive oil and balsamic vinegar and then shoved them aside.

The burgers themselves I cooked in olive oil. Onto the burgers went: Turkey Pesto Patty, lettuce-that-needed-using-and-was-not-originially bought for burgers, tomatoes that were bought for sandwiches, sandwhich pickles, mushrooms and mustard...

if you see a pattern to my cooking, you're right. See how lazy I am?

But is was nummy and got rave reviews from The Guy and his Mother, who was our guest on the 4th :)


  1. Forgot to mention Bread crumbs! Here's the link to the recipe I sorta followed:

  2. I bet you wanted to eat your neighbor's wild turkeys... but I guess who's to say you didn't! :O

  3. LOL! They didn't belong to my neighbors, they wandered into the city from the river and had been sighted as far as midtown...and no, i didn't want to eat them !!! They made me feel guilty that i *liked* turkey so much *sobs* lol

  4. Seriously fell in love with turkeys, proceeded to eat turkey burgers anyway. Watch out when Drea says she loves you!