Sunday, June 26, 2011

Burger Experiment #2

So following up on the previous post from the Chopping Block, I decided that I really wanted a delicious hamburger, but where should I go get one? I know. My kitchen. Anyways, this is kind of like a fake "burger experiment" because it's not on the Google doc (and it's just really minor)! In this experiment, I put an extra slice of cheddar and added roast garlic!

So I got the idea for the garlic from Chef John's Garlic Steak. I also cooked my hamburger according to Chef John's method for cooking a burger.

Sauteed Onions
Roast Garlic
Salt & Pepper

Anyways, best burger ever! :D I ate it really fast.

1. I cooked my fries in the oven at 400 degrees for 22 minutes. I peeled three cloves of garlic and put it in some foil with some olive oil and salt. I tossed my ball of garlic/foil in with my fries to bake.
2. I slice my onions and start sauteing.
3. Get your tomatoes sliced and lettuce cleaned, and place onto the plate.
4. I grabbed about 1/3 lb of ground beef and formed it into a tight patty. Season with salt and pepper on both sides.
5. Butter up the buns and place in the same pan as the onions (after they're sautéed to your liking). Keep your skillet to a low heat so it keeps the onions warm and your bun toasty.
6. Now I got another pan and started cooking my patty.
7. Assemble burger!
8. Take out fries and top garlic on burger.


The end.

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  1. That's like eating a garlic bread burger!!!
    Question: can you roast garlic with butter instead of olive oil?