Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lunch Date Recipes

So I don't really go out to eat much any more. So making food-related dates special means putting a little effort into lunch. Mostly, this meal is comprised of assorted leftovers and arranged to look pretty.

So the recipes of each of the dishes are, starting with the meat:

Terriyaki chicken

1 frozen chicken breast
soy sauce

Nuke the chicken until it starts to cook.
In a skillet, place enough sake and soy sauce to just barely coat the pan. Add a touch of honey, (maybe 1/2 a tablespoon?)
Chop up the chicken into tiny bits, and add to sauce after honey has melted.
Stir chicken until it is evenly cooked and browned.
Then you're done!

Stir Fried Rice Noodles

This dish came about because I had a massive honking bag of rice noodles I picked up because they "looked yummy" but had No Idea what to do with them. Letran told me: "stir fry 'em!" I said "With what seasoning?" "Vegetable oil, soy sauce and sesame oil." Me: "Oh, I got those things!"

So...boil rice noodles, fry them in:
Canola Oil
Soy Sauce
Sesame oil

Vegetables in the rice noodles:
Green onion

--add these vegies in while the rice is browning. My bag was super big, and so I had to use my wok for this dish. It made a lot of leftovers, some of which were in this lunch.

The broccoli ringing the noodles was frozen, I warmed it in the microwave and ringed the noodles with them.

Bok Choy and Mushrooms in Soy Sauce and Pepper

Bok Choy
Sliced Mushrooms
Soy sauce
Sesame oil
Black pepper
Garlic Salt

In a small skillet I placed the soy sauce and sesame oil, just enough to coat the bottom. I sprinkled a liberal amount of black pepper and a touch of ginger and garlic salt, then added water.

I warmed the sauce before adding the sliced bok choy. When the Bok Choy began to wilt in the sauce, I added the mushrooms. I simmered until the mushrooms darkened.

Carrot Rice

Carrot Juice
Sliced Carrot
Green Onion
Garlic salt

This was another left-over dish. I made the carrot rice in my rice cooker by filling the cooker with 1/2 the water I generally use to cook it, and using the carrot juice for the rest. I added sliced carrots, seasoning and green onions on top, then mixed them in as the rice cooked.

Egg Dish

This was based on the egg soborro that Just originally introduced to me. Only, I've adjusted the recipe over time.

Soy sauce
Garlic Salt
Green onion

For my purposes I used 4 eggs, 1 stalk of green onion.

Soy sauce, sake, seasoning and sliced green onion go first. Second, add eggs, and scramble till seasonings are mixed in and the egg becomes like a very dry scrambled egg.

I added this to the carrot rice, and with the bok choy dish.


Strawberry Bread Pudding (which I have more pics of and will list the recipe for later).

Mangoes (bought frozen at Trader Joe's) and warmed in the microwave.

Drink: Iced Tea

Irish Breakfast tea-- six tea bags in a gallon pitcher, steeped for 5 minutes (filled 1/4 of the way). Remove tea bags, add cold water & serve over ice.

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