Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fried Oyster Mushroom with Seaweed


Friend are such great inspirations. Nur mentioned to me that she got an oyster mushroom growing kit and it immediately reminded me of this dish. I learned about this from one of my parents' vegetarian friends. Actually, I didn't learn it the proper way. I came over for dinner, they were making this and somehow I helped them made it. Basically, I stole the recipe. Now you can be a part of my band of recipe thieves and make this, too!

I got 1/2 pound of oyster mushrooms. Washed them nice and clean.

I also got a handful of seaweed. I'm not exactly sure what type of seaweed they were because the package was entirely in Japanese and my ability to read Japanese is nil. They were dried, so I had to soak them in some warm water for 10 minutes.

Then came the hard part. Each mushroom was wrapped around with a piece of seaweed and then pinned through with a toothpick. If the mushroom was too large, I ripped it in half and folded it down before wrapping.

This process basically took forever. If you have a food slave, please make the food slave do this for you while you make the batter.

Since I was a recipe thief, I didn't know the exact ratio of flour to water. All I knew was that it had the consistency of pancake batter. So, I started out with 2 cups of flour and 1 cup of water, mixed the hell out of it. Then I added more water (just a tiny bit at time) and flour to get the "right" consistency. Then all of them oyster mushroom and seaweed bundles got dipped into the batter and dropped into a pot of hot oil for some deep frying.

While them bundles were bubbling away in the hot oil, I made the dipping sauce. It was very basic, a teaspoon (+/-) of salt and how ever much ground pepper you want. Most of the time, black ground pepper is used but I felt like peppercorns.

Then I squeezed in a lime and stirred. This is the Vietnamese secret, people! Vietnamese people, or at least every Vietnamese I know, know that salt+pepper+lime juice = the shit! It goes ridiculously well with seafood. Since this was oyster mushroom with an oyster flavor and all, this was the only sauce I was going to use.

Oh right, when the bundles were all nice and golden, I took them out and drained them on a piece of paper towel. Then I dipped those suckers into the heaven sauce and nom nom nom! Watch out for those prickly toothpicks, though.

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  1. Yours turned out so much more prettier than mine! :)