Thursday, April 7, 2011

Misadventure: Strawberry Stuffed Ice Cream


Remember Brendan? I was having a little chat with Brendan about food...because there are only three things that I talk about 1. food, 2. cats, 3. dogs. I'm not well-rounded. I cannot hold an intelligent conversation about politics, history, geography, philosophy, literature, string theory, game theory, human behavior, etc. But I digress.

Brendan and I were talking about ice cream sandwiches. Who doesn't like ice cream sandwiches? Then Brendan had the brilliant idea of making ice cream sandwiches not with cookies, but with fruits instead. Talking with Brendan tickled my brain, so I started to think about stuffing fruits with ice cream. Basically, the conversation went something like this...okay, maybe not a bit, but exactly like this:

Brendan: i wonder if ice cream sandwiches would be good with fruit as the bread like mango ice cream inside slices of mango
me: too slippery
Brendan: or ice cream between wedges of banana
me: OR ice cream in hollowed out strawberries
Brendan: ooo, i like that one, and then it can be dipped in chocolate
me: yes!
Brendan: for extreme tastiness
me: and rolled in a bit a sea salt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! akdjfaoier
Brendan: haha
me: just a tiny bit
Brendan: you're one of those salty choco people/

...and so that conversation gave fruit to this misadventure!

I went and bought ice cream right after work. They were have these mini tubs for $1/each at Safeway. However, all of those fatty bastards of the world already bought all of the good flavors like Cherry Garcia.

I was left with only chocolate and mango. I guess the mango isn't so bad. Note: the mango was a sorbet, not ice cream.

Hollowed out strawberries! If you have a tiny spoon, it would be great for this job. I didn't, so I used the tip of a steak knife instead.

I melted some semi-sweet chocolate chips in my makeshift double boiler (i.e. a bowl in a pot of boiling water) with a chunk of butter and about a tablespoon of milk. I didn't take a picture of the butter and milk. :(

Then I stuffed the strawberries with the ice cream. Yummmssssss.

The chocolate was still melting so I stuck these back into the freezer.

When the chocolate melted into this godly thick sauce, I dipped in the strawberries and sprinkled some crushed sea salt on top. True to my words.

...and then I ate them really fast.


I must say, this adventure/experiment was really fun. A few things:

1. Must eat this really fast or else the ice cream will melt and you would end up with a sad mess.
2. I'm fancy pants, I just happen to have a bundle of fresh mint and some key limes to make the photos pretty.
3. I just bought a couple of macro filters for my camera and I'm dof challenged.
4. Brendan is an enabler of crazy ideas and he almost always approves of my crazy ideas and adds on to it. He said he only approves of good ideas, though.
5. Brendan is still single (I think), so feel free to date him if you approve of his crazy ideas.



    i am disappoint. :(

  2. Tis me, Lynn!! I have come to visit your blog!

    Helen: There are cookies within cookies!! See here:

    And these look good but messy to eat :)