Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich

In the previous post, I talked about candied bacon ice cream. Then that spawned this conversation:

Brendan: make the ice cream
and add chunks of egg in it
LeTran: cooked eggs? (commentary: I'm not stupid, ice cream has uncooked eggs in it)
Brendan: yup
and a bit of waffle
oh oh, nix the egg
and just put pieces of syrupy waffles with the bacon
orrr a bacon ice cream sandwich
LeTran: omg waffle ice cream sandwich
waffle bacon ice cream sandwich
Brendan: ohhhhh omg
that is a real good idea
no joking

...and so it began...

I made waffles with the waffle iron that Helen got me ages ago.

We had an assemble-your-own-sandwich dealio. Brendan was very quick to start.

Carrie decided to start with slathering on the ice cream. She used a spoon to press the ice cream down into the waffle's many crevices. We had a variety of ice cream flavors: cherry cheesecake, chocolate, and fleur de sel caramel.

Brendan started by filling the crevices with candied bacon and blueberries.

"It looks like go!"

"I think I'm going to use two different types of ice cream!"

...and a layer of strawberries.

First bite.

"What is this green thing in my ice cream?"

"Oh, it's just a blueberry..."

Carrie was being very meticulous at crafting her sandwich. These photos are shown in the order that they are taken. So let's see where Brendan was with his sandwich.

More than half way done already? And this was after he asked for syrup so he can top off his waffles. He eats at mach 3 speed. In case you didn't know, mach 3 is 1,020.87 m/s or about 2,283 mph or super sonic. Carrie asked for Nutella to add on to her sandwich.

These people, they are very creative! We also had this bright idea to start a business. It would be a bar of some sort where people go in and assemble their own ice cream sandwiches. Little kids would love this! I think most of the fun was creating the sandwiches.

I feel like we were in a Seinfield episode in which Kramer had the bright idea of making a pizza shop where people come in to make their own pizzas.

Next time you have a party, do this because it's super fun and tasty.

Lessons learned:

1. Candied bacon in ice cream is really good!
2. Ice cream is healthy because Brendan must have said "Ice cream is healthy" about 10 times.
3. Finishing the sandwich will put you into an instant food coma.

Disclaimer: If you think I'm making my friends fat by doing this. You are wrong! Carrie does pilates every week and Brendan is doing a 200 mile relay in two weeks. Oh, you can donate to his team, Shear Studs. Shear Studs because they're engineer hotties, get it? Get it?

Only one person is missing from this adventure. You know who you are! *cough*Helen*cough*

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