Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tofu, Mushrooms, and Bamboo

I went over to Iva's while her mom was visiting, and her mom made a similar dish for us (among other tasty dishes). So this is my take on her tofu dish. I was snoopy enough to ask her what she put in it.

1 teaspoon garlic
1 teaspoon ginger
one package fried tofu
1 cup shitake mushrooms
1/2 cup sliced bamboo
1 teaspoon sauce sauce
1 tablespoon oyster sauce (get the vegetarian kind ... or not)

Chop and mince the garlic and ginger. Set aside.

Slice up the fired tofu like so:

I used dehydrated shitake mushrooms, so I hydrated it and sliced them. It's okay to keep the water you hydrated it in because the tofu will suck it right up!

Sautee the garlic and ginger for a few minutes. Then throw in the mushrooms.

Then throw in the bamboo.

Then throw in the tofu. Add in the soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt, and pepper.

I just cooked them all together until it became piping hot, and then I served it with some rice. :)

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  1. Yay! Secretly, this is one of my favorite dish ever. :D