Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bacon Wrapped Brussels Sprouts

bacon wrap brussel sprouts 2

I'm afraid I'm one of those bacon worshipers and believe that bacon-everything is awesome! Since I also love brussels sprouts, what am I going to do to double the fun? Wrap the brussels sprouts with bacon, of course!

A few recipes recommended that the brussels sprouts be blanched and the bacons be slightly fried before combining the two. A few other recipes start with frozen brussels sprouts. Well, I decided to try neither!

brussel sprouts
I started with some non-frozen brussels sprouts.

bacon wrap
Wrapped one piece of bacon around each brussels sprout and secured with a toothpick.

bacon wrap brussel sprouts
Twenty to twenty-five minutes later (depending on how crispy you want your bacons) in a 375 400 degrees oven resulted in delicious bacon wrapped brussels sprouts (I checked my notes, I had it at 400 degrees not 375).

That's it! Almost no work at all. Easiest and tastiest appetizer ever!


  1. :O THAT IS LIKE TOO MUCH DELICIOUS-NESS! i don't know if my mind can handle that!

  2. Not really into bacon but I do love brussel sprouts. But seriously these pictures look so deliciousssssssss.