Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Poor Man's Korean Bimbimbap

Oh my god! It's my first "real" post since going to grad school! How exciting! I'm going to teach you how to make a poor man's bimbimbap. (Okay, just to warn you, it's sort of a "cheat" post because ... everything is prepackaged?). It's a poor man's bimbimbap because I don't have any bean sprouts, mushrooms, and etc. But who really needs them anyways?! So let's begin!

Rice (maybe 1.5 cups uncooked?)
Handful/bunch of spinach
Tablespoon (or so) of some delicious hot pepper paste
An egg (for each serving)

Sorry about the ingredients list. I don't have anything to measure with, so it's all eyeballs, guys!

What you see here is the secret ingredient. It is the most awesome stuff in the world! This jar is 2.2 pounds of awesomeness for $7.99. Recognize it and buy it!

I went to this asian market, and they had some red tipped spinach leaves and some green spinach leaves, or so I assumed. The red tipped spinach leaves were like fifty cents per pound more expensive than the green stuff next to it! So of course, I picked up the green stuff, but as it turns out, it is not spinach! It's yam leaves. Now what in the world are yam leaves? I have no idea, but I used it anyways because I don't have an extra $1.67 to throw into the trash. I can only assume it's edible.

So first I wilted the leaves and then set it aside. It's actually not that much after it's wilted, so don't fret vegetable haters.

Next I had to cook my rice in my one and only pan. It is such hard, miserable work. If you don't have a rice cooker, I advise you to spend that extra $20 you found in your coat pocket to get one. (As for me, I don't have any coats with me.)

After your rice is thoroughly cooked, add in your super delicious hot pepper sauce and your wilted spinach. Also, the hot pepper sauce is not spicy at all. It has a teeny tiny little kick to it, but I'm sure you can handle it. I'm a wimp, and I can.

Mix well!

Now go fry an egg! I recommend having the yolk runny (like sunny side up or over easy) because the rice soaked in yolk is wooooonnnnderful.

Top your rice off with your egg, and you're done!


  1. Poor man cooking at its best! Now, did you have salt and pepper with you, too? Is the hot pepper paste spicy? And does yam leaves taste like spinach?

    I think I can make this for my dad since it's vegetarian except for the egg. :D

  2. lol. I have salt, but I don't have pepper, but I didn't add salt & pepper because the roasted hot pepper paste does everything. If you added garlic, that might be okay, but salt will make it too salty.

    The hot pepper paste is not spicy! or... very very mild! Helen Lam eats it! So obviously not on your scale.

    And yam leaves taste... similar I guess, but I don't really like it. It's definitely not something I will eat unless I mistakenly bought it.