Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gordon Ramsay’s Shrimp & Angel Hair Pasta

The Chopping Block and I had a dinner party because we are old! She even wore a sweater! :O She made her avocado fries (see previous post here). I made Gordon Ramsay's pasta except I used penne and chicken instead. You can see Chef Ramsay making it on hulu here. There wasn't really a written recipe, so I just used what I thought were the right amounts. :| (I think I fed 6 hungry people.)

1 lb Angel hair pasta (I used a box of penne instead because I had it on hand)
Olive oil
2 chili peppers
4 cloves garlic (I might have used a lot more garlic than this...)
1 lb of shrimps (I used five pieces of chicken thighs)
1/4 cup white wine (I used chicken broth instead)
5 Roma tomatoes (I used Roma tomatoes because they are the cheapest)
2 stalks scallions
fresh basil
1/4 lemon

1. Drop pasta in boiling water that have been salted.
2. Add olive oil to a hot pan. Drop in sliced chili peppers and crushed garlic. Saute.
3. Add shrimp to the pan and fry. Season with salt and pepper.
4. Add in white wine and reduce.
5. Add in chopped tomatoes, scallions, and basil.
6. Drain pasta. Toss with olive oil and lemon zest.
7. Add pasta to the pan and mix with the shrimp mixture.
8. Serve with fresh basil and lemon juice.

Following photos courtesy of Brendan. :D

Oh, and here are some photos that are not related:


See! She's wearing a sweater!


  1. Yeah! We even had appetizer AND desserts. All we were missing was some wine to be all old AND pretentious.

    P.S. I wasn't the only one wearing a sweater and some sort of buttoned up shirts.

  2. It's super delicious <-----first hand experience. Oh, I forgot to mention that the chili peppers added a really nice touch/kick to the dish.