Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chorizo and Egg Sandwiches


Brendan sent me a link to a recipe for Charlotte Tolhurst's Egg Sandwich from Design*Sponge because he's crafty and he reads crafty blogs. Then he requested that either Helen or I make it for him. Why did I accept this request? There are several reasons:

1. I love eggs.
2. The ingredient list is super short.
3. The pictures on the blog are really pretty.
4. I want to volunteer before Helen does because this recipe is easy. I do not want to have Helen volunteer and then have to make a super hard/complicate dish later. :( I am super selfish.
5. The ingredients are cheap.
6. It's super easy to make.

Let's see how I did on my lazy/selfish adventure.

Since I never have to cook for people other than my family and the boyfriend, I was pretty nervous about cooking for Helen, Dave, and Brendan. Yes, their names are italicized because I've never ever ever cook for them before. I know they eat just about anything, but not anything is edible. Helen, on the other hand, will have to like whatever I cook for her.

So, I did a practice run and used my sister over at The Rag Trades as a lab rat. She approved! See?

Now, on to one of the easiest ingredient lists ever! This will make about 8 sandwiches. I suggest that you NOT reduce the pesto and just save it for later since it can be frozen.

sage and walnuts

Sage pesto:
3 - 4 oz. of fresh sage leaves - washed and dried
2 cloves of garlic
1 to 1 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1/4 cup of walnuts
1/4 cup of Parmesan cheese (I actually did not use Parmesan cheese during one trial and it was fine)

beef chorizo

eggs (one egg per sandwich)
24 oz. of chorizo
some spring mix salad or as the original recipe called for rockets
8 ciabatta rolls - sliced and toasted

To make the pesto:

Throw all of the ingredients into a mini chopper and pulse a few times (about 5 or 6 times). You do not want the sage and walnuts to be chopped too fine. Rough is good.

To make the rest of the sandwich:

fry chorizo

Fry all of the chorizo in a large pan. Skim most of the oil off and discard.

fried eggs

While the pan is still coated with chorizo oil, fry up an egg or two for about 2 minutes. One side should be golden and crispy and the whites just set on the other side. Sunny side up!

ciabatta rolls

chorizo and egg

Spoon the chorizo onto toasted ciabatta rolls. Top that with an egg and some rockets or spring mix salad. For the finish touch, spoon on some of those sage pesto goodness.


Place the other piece of the roll on top and eat your heart out.


One important lesson that I learned: I could not get the chorizo in slices like Charlotte Tolhurst. Maybe because she used soy chorizo and I used beef? In any case, none of my eaters protest the fact that their sandwiches were soaking with chorizo goodness. Beware that the chorizo can be a bit spicy.

Another note: When I did the trial run for my sister, I couldn't find ciabatta rolls so I used French bread instead. It was still delicious! Let's not be stopped by lack of ciabattas!

Day 119 Saturday 6/12/2010

Thank you,Brendan, for taking most of these photos! This is Brendan. He is single. You can date him and cook for him because he "[doesn't] know how to cook but [he] has a stove."


Photo taken by Helen!


  1. I like how you meshed together the photos to make a cohesive story!

  2. **Drools on computer screen**
    I think I saw soy chorizo the other day at Trader Joes, so I'll definitely give this a try!