Monday, February 8, 2010

Fruit & Yogurt

Despite what it looks like, I've actually been doing a lot of cooking, but my disability* kicked in and prevented me from posting. This "recipe" is so easy that even my boyfriend can make it, and he is the worst cook in the world.

So I used to work near this place, Crepe O Chocolate down in Union Square, San Francisco, which i frequented. I would always buy this nice lady's Greek yogurt with fresh seasonal fruit and her Vegan Banana Honey Flan Bread Thing (or so that's what I called it). Anyways, they are both delicious, so if you are ever in the neighborhood, make sure to stop by. So her Greek yogurt was like $5.75 or something ridiculous like that (because it was Union Square), but I'm telling you, it was that good that I would pay for it! And you all know how ridiculously cheap I am.

Back to the original point, after I moved on to another project in another part of town, I had no more Crepe O Chocolate! :( So I had to improvise. First, I sampled a few different brands of Greek yogurt, and I think Fage is my favorite, although sometimes Trader Joe's will do when I can't find any Fage. You can actually buy a big tub of Fage at Coscto, but I don't have a membership.

If you go with the little serving size (about 3/4 cup), I put two packets of Splenda (or a little over one tablespoon of sugar) and 1 teaspoon of honey (or more if you like it more honey-y). Then you mix it all up and top with fruit! SIMPLE!

Because fruit is not always in season, and I am always in the mood for some fruit & yogurt, I buy frozen fruit and defrost it. It's pretty much the same except... a little more liquid-y... and Chef Ramsey would yell at you for using frozen items. Good thing we're not doing fine dinning here!

Sometimes, when I'm feel like dressing it up more like a dessert, I use bananas and top with some whipped cream. It's like an ice cream sundae!

*re: laziness

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