Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend Misadventure

For weekday culinary activities, we do not want or have time for lengthy recipes or experiments. However, for the weekend, the lab is wide open for all sorts of culinary adventures.

This week, my culinary adventures led me to make apple chutney. So I peeled,


and diced apples.

Then I chopped onions and gingers...

...and added the necessary spices and sugar.

I even went and found a bottle of red wine vinegar for the purpose.

Then everything went on the stove to boil and simmer. It was going great for a while and then...I smelled something odd. That "odd" smell turned into a "burnt" smell the closer I approach the stove. Well, whaddaya know? I went and doggoned burnt my apple chutney. The sugar has become bitter caramel and stuck to the pot. Therefore, I have no recipe for you. I'm sorry. If you still want to make some awesome apple chutney for your next roast pork meal, please go see Elise at Simply Recipes. (Hint: click on the words "Simply Recipes")

What about you? What sort of culinary misadventures you've recently been through? Please share!


  1. this is letran testing the comment box

  2. The first time I made lasagna, I didn't realize that I was supposed to precook the I ended up with very crunchy lasagna.

  3. @ Yayah412: that's understandable since why should you cook the pasta ahead of time if you're just going to stick it in the oven for another 30 minutes, right?